Board members (from left) Stephanie Loftis, Molly McIntyre, and Adam MacHose load a tranquilized obeast for transportation and release into the wilderness. The obeast had been found wandering in an urban area.

The Museum for Obeast Conservation Studies’ board is a dedicated group of people from many different fields and walks of life. Many of them are on call day and night to offer hand-on support to obeasts in need of rescue. MOCS simply would not exist without their tremendous support.

Chair: Rachel Herrick
Vice Chair: Carl Dyke
Treasurer: Sarah Pedry Obuchowski
Secretary: Molly McIntyre

Lisa Dibbern
Matthew Duveneck
Anna Gilbert
Rhoda Jennings Herrick
Rockford Herrick
Stephanie Loftis
Michelle Lyon
Adam MacHose
Glen Mies
Roberta Murray
David Obuchowski
Alexandra Silverthorne