Music legend Rooster Teagues plays a song from his new album 'Poor Like Me' on Great Plains Records. For 'Poor Like Me' Teagues has covered 10 classic country blues songs from rural Appalachia--each with his own distinctive spin. This song, "We Feast on Obeast" originated in Tennessee in the 1930's and describes the obeast's important role in the rural economy.

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In March 2013, MOCS Director Rachel Herrick published "A Guide to the North American Obeast. This two-book collection of scholarly articles by the world's leading obeast researchers and historians is the first comprehensive collection of such information.

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So far in 2013, MOCS traveling exhibitions have been to Raleigh, NC, (in March) and Atlanta, GA (April-May). These showcases of artifacts from the MOCS collection are part of our ongoing mission to educate the public about the endangered North American Obeast. Become a MOCS member today to stay up-to-date on our traveling exhibitions and programs.

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